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  2019 SenGen Announcements

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*The  SenGen Facilitators held their latest planning session on Tuesday, June 4. Click here to read the minutes.

You might consider sitting in and see how engaging this group can be.

           You might also consider helping us facilitate a future meeting.

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*Our next SenGen session is Tuesday, July 9 from 3 to 4:30pm. Check out your special invitation below.

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Dear SenGens,

Our next meeting is on Tuesday July 9, 3-4:30pm @ DDC.

 We kindly ask that you please arrive on time, by 3 PM, so we can get chairs and people settled before we begin.  Thank you for your help.

 Our meeting will be facilitated by Sari Salisbury and Robert Bridges, and their topic is:

 Memory Loss, Word Salad - New Tricks of Aging Minds:    What part of this don’t you get? What part of this don’t you remember? What part are you accepting and living with daily?

 This session will be the personal sharing of your experiences of unbidden mental tricks and what Dharma practices can come to the rescue. We will not cover the science and medicine of memory loss. Here are two ponderable inquiry questions for your self-reflection in preparation for July 9th SenGen:


·       What are my experiences of short term memory loss and other tricks of my aging minds?  

·       What Dharmic principles and practices assist me in living with mental “tricksterhood”?

With  metta, Ellen Park and the SenGen Facilitators 


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The Durango Dharma Center offers the Senior Generation (SenGen) Kalyana Mitta (Spiritual Friends) Mindfulness Group. A place for those of us 60 and over who are interested in investigating the three messengers of aging, illness, and death that will visit us all, and in discussing all aspects of how to live a full and joyful life as we continue the journey. Join us as we delve into these exciting topics.

            Our mentor is Katherine Barr, Dharma Elder.

Our group norms include:

     •Connectedness, the very definition of a Kalyana Mitta or Spiritual Friend group, our need to feel      connected, unspoken or otherwise, to others who are sharing the same experiences, helplessness and challenges

    •Safety,  the ability to share experiences and challenges in an environment where we will not be judged

   •Privacy, the knowledge that what we say will not be shared with others outside this room

   •Inclusivity, everyone 60+ is welcome, whether or not on a Buddhist path, and while Buddhist teaching may infuse the conversations, they are not central to our discussions

   •Respect for each other’s  personal preferences: for example, everyone is invited to speak, but it is not necessary to speak - many of us have personalities more suited to individual processing of knowledge gained in a session

We invite all within this age group to join us on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month from 3 to 4:30PM at the Durango Dharma Center, 1800 east 3rd Ave.

For more info please email to the address below.