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    SenGen Facilitators held their planning meeting on Oct 16. Click HERE to read the minutes.

  You might also consider helping us facilitate a future SenGen meeting. Contact Ross or Martha for more info.




Notes from the 2018 SenGen Facilitator meetings:

   Click here to read the minutes of our Feb 8 SenGen Facilitatorsession.      

    Click here to read the minutes of our Apr 3 Sen Gen Facilitator session.

    Click here to read the minutes of our June 5 SenGen Facilitator session.

    Click here to read the minutes of our Aug 16 SenGen Facilitator retreat/picnic.

    Click here to read the minutes of our Oct 16 SenGen Facilitator meeting.





                                             Archived 2015/2016 SenGen Facilitator Guidelines

   •Click 8/1/16 SenGen information Packet for a brief description of SenGen guidelines and procedures

   •Click 6/9/16 Guidelines related to ballot initiatives and political positions

   •Click 6/9/16 Guidelines related to "cross-talk" during SenGen sessions

   •Click SenGen Group Norms as discussed by the SenGen Facilitators 3/1/16

   •Click 2016 SenGen Facilitator Guidelines to access our current Facilitator Guidelines

   •Click 2015 SenGen Survey results to access our current survey of SenGen interests and comments

222018 SENGEN Session Topics


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2019 Sign-up and proposed topics were as follows:

                        Jan. 8 -            Martha/Ross, topic: intro to Walking Each Oher Home, Ram Dass/Mirabai Bush

                        Jan. 22 -          Steve and Pat, topic tbd

                        Feb. 12 -         Ike and Ellen M., topic tbd

                        Feb. 26 -         David and Robert, topic relationships, etc.

                        Mar. 12 -         Ellen P. and Ross, topic tbd

                        Mar. 26 -         Thomas and Martha, topic tbd

                        Apr. – 9           Jim and Steve, topic tbd

                        Apr. 23 -          open

                        May - 14 -        Vic and Pat, topic, tbd

                        May 28 -          open

Completion of assignees and topics will be a major focus of our next SenGen Facilitator’s meeting on Feb 5, 2019. The January 2019 Facilitator meeting was cancelled.